Trusted Construction Inspection Partner

Blac Lite INC: Your Trusted Partner for Precision Inspection & Code Compliance. Let us Illuminate the Path to Construction Excellence.”

About us

Building Trust Through Expertise

We are a team of seasoned professionals, each an expert in their field, collectively pooling decades of construction industry experience. Our Construction Inspectors are not just employees; they are the guardians of code adherence, meticulous record-keepers, and problem-solving collaborators. Their proficiency ensures that every project we oversee is executed with precision and finesse.

Why Us?

Expertise Matters

Our seasoned professionals bring decades of industry-specific expertise to ensure precision and compliance in every project.

Excellence Assured

BLI maintains top standards with meticulous record-keeping and proactive problem-solving for flawless execution.

Collaborative Approach

We partner closely with contractors, ensuring seamless execution and superior outcomes in construction projects.


we offer a construction inspection service

Our team of qualified and trained Construction Inspectors oversee work in accordance with applicable codes, drawings, specifications, and safety regulations. Our Construction Inspectors are BLI employees and proven communicators who work alongside contractors to make sure our customers’ infrastructure is built to code and in compliance with applicable regulations.

Our Story

Blac Lite INC born from a vision to elevate construction inspection, lighting the way with precision and unwavering commitment nationwide.

Our Work

Blac Lite INC: Precision-driven pipeline construction inspection, illuminating paths to compliance and excellence.